March Meet The Maker 2021


During March 2021 I joined the #marchmeetthemaker A very nice initiative to show followers and customers the story behind the brand and moreover the story behind the maker!
I have gathered all posts below so you can have a look and learn more about Sunny Baskets and me :)

X Danielle

Day 1 Brand Identity

It’s March 1 and this year I’m joining #marchmeetthemaker 😸
What better way then to kick off day 1 with a brand intro. Some of you may not know us yet 🙋🏼‍♀️
Sunny Baskets are handmade cat baskets in a design and colour that will please both cats AND their pawrents. Each basket is hand crocheted to order with beautiful yarn made out of recycled cotton and in colours that meet the latest trends and match your interior. This makes the product not only an honest product but also one that can be customized to your wishes! Since Sunny Baskets is run by a single catmom, communication is fast, personal and hopefully fun! Don’t hesitate to reach out, happy to meet all of you 🥰 #stattunedthismonth #everydayanewtheme

Day 2: the Sunny Basket Style ☀️

Personally I would describe our style as *simple *warm *colourful
Simple in terms of a clean shape and stitch. No fuss no frills are needed
Warm in a sense that all products are inviting to snuggle in and the natural fabrics that will give a warm touch to your living room
Colourful... well no need to explain this 😸 with Sunny Baskets we want to brighten up every #cathome with gorgeous colour tones

Day 3 Beliefs and values

We all want to spoil our cats and that’s ok! 😸But let’s be more conscious when consuming! With Sunny Baskets we offer products that are handmade and made with honest materials. Our baskets are hand crocheted with recycled cotton yarn produced in the EU & our Sunny pillows come from Marrakech and are made from old rugs. 🌱 consuming can be fair & fun this way 😻

Day 4 On your desk

Let’s start by saying that my “desk” is the dining table. So I try to keep it as clean as possible, but I fail most of the times 🤦🏼‍♀️ In brief there are 3 items that are always on my desk
😸 at least 1 cat, interfering with my work
💐 flowers because they make you happy
🧶 yarn since I simply #crocheteveryday

Day 5 Newest Make

Our Two-tones have been the latest addition to the shop and I couldn’t be more happy with the reactions and the look and feel 🤗
Just love how everyone is being creative making new combinations 😻 Just like our ‘normal’ baskets they come in every shape and size! Recently I got more and more requests for rectangular baskets as well, they are very nice to make! Send me a dm if you have specific request, anything is possible 💁🏼‍♀️

Day 8 Work in progress

Super excited to give you a little sneak peek of a project that is developing behind the scenes 🤗
I’ve teamed up with @annemarije_glastra_ceramics to design gorgeous Sunny Bowls 😻 Ever since the beginning of Sunny Baskets I had the idea in mind to add #handmade foodbowls to our Sunny collection... and finally it’s coming to life with the help of another amazing local #handcrafter
So stay tuned to watch these pretty Sunny Bowls come to life 🥰

Day 9 Learning curve

Well as life is 1 big learning curve, so is my Sunny Baskets adventure 😸
The funny thing is, I never started to make Sunny baskets with the idea to sell them.. it organically grew from a personal creative idea to a small business. In the first year I joined some local markets like @swan_market which was a perfect way to meet potential clients and receive feedback. Slowly the Sunny brand grew, I designed the logo, made choices regarding colours and shape, improved my crochet skills, opened the webshop and even made some great partnerships with webshops... I can promise you, I learned a lot 🙋🏼‍♀️ and still do every day!
If you would have told me 3 years ago I would run Sunny Baskets on a daily base, I would not have believed you 😸

Day 10 Small detail

It’s all in the detail.. from the process of making the basket stitch by stitch to adding a personal handwritten card 💁🏼‍♀️
Even though Sunny Baskets have a clean and simple design, there are plenty of details to pay attention to.. Per row all stitches should have the same size, however I switch crochet needle size at one point to get that round curvy touch 😺
Small funny detail: did you know I make each pompom myself as well 😅

Day 11 Portrait

For those of you who don’t know me yet, my name is Danielle, 33 years old and I live with my boyfriend and 2 cats in Scheveningen (impossible to pronounce for non dutchies) the Netherlands. This picture was taken by my sis during a trip to Marrakech, where we first discovered our Sunny Pillows 🤗 it also illustrates what I love most.. discovering new places, wandering through colourful streets, trying new food 😋 Already during my studies I chose to do an exchange in Japan for 6 months and straight after graduation I moved to Switzerland where I got an international job in corporate events.
Back in Holland, I decided after a few years that it was time for a change. Quite my job and grabbed my backpack to go on a solo trip to Indonesia for 4 months! Even here in The Hague I enjoy hearing small kids speak Portuguese and French.. So with this being said, you can probably imagine that my hearts beats faster when I receive pictures from around the globe of cats in our Sunny baskets 🥰 I should def plan a trip to visit them all 😎

Day 12 Product in use

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, receiving pictures from cats enjoying our baskets is the best thing there is😻 This is why I #crocheteveryday 💁🏼‍♀️
There were many pics to choose from, so this is a small selection of our furry friends 🥰
For more cuteness, check out our highlight “Happy Customers”

Day 15 Focus & Priorities

Well seeing the time of this post, I was actually quite focused today. Which is not always easy, especially when you work at home (with 2 cats 😅)
My main priority most days is to work on all orders and get them shipped as soon as I can, however I find it more and more important to leave some space to experiment a bit, take time to make pretty pictures, work on new colour combinations and come up with new ideas. For now this includes our brand new Sunny Bowls, which I hope to show to you guys really soon 🤗

Day 16 From the Archive

My goodness, what a difference between these 2 pictures 😸 Swipe to see one of our first photo shoots 🥰 Not only Sunny grew into a sophisticated lady, but also the crochet and photography skills of mom improved quite a bit 💁🏼‍♀️

Day 17 Process

I love sharing the process and do this regularly, especially because there is always some interference 🤦🏼‍♀️
Small fun fact, at this stage the basket is still inside out. Only after row 2 of the sides, I flip the basket into the good position and continue to crochet using a different size needle.
Obviously she got 2 seconds and then had to move to her own basket 😉
Check out my stories where I have shared my first reel showing part of the process (including interference 🤣)

Day 18 Colour

Just scroll through our feed and visit our website and you’ll see it’s all about colour 😺
At this point you can choose from 7 different colours and even combine them in any way you like!
The colour scheme we have chosen is warm and natural and easy to fit in any interior. When I see our avocado basket, I see it placed in an urban jungle interior with lots of wood; our greygreen bed in a Scandinavian living room and yellow... well Sunny Yellow is always a good idea 😸💁🏼‍♀️

Day 19 Silver Linings

Today’s theme makes us look back at 2020.. if it wasn’t for the pandemic, 2020 was actually a really good year. It gave me the opportunity to focus on Sunny Baskets and grow the brand 💁🏼‍♀️
☀️ the Sunny look and feel improved
☀️ Bobby’s oval basket was introduced
☀️ Sunny Pillows arrived from Marrakech
☀️ We appeared in the Dutch magazine @vriendin_nl 🦚

Day 22 Hands on

Yes it’s hands on for every basket 👐🏻 and that’s what I like about it! To create something with my hands and see the result relatively quick! Very satisfying I can tell you 💁🏼‍♀️
If only I could pet every customer 😸

Day 23 Job 

Photography is a big part of the job and also something I love to do! 📷
All pictures on the website are made by me featuring our in house meowdel duo 😻

Day 24 Wrapped & Packaged

Since every Sunny Basket is a gift, wrapping is a vital part of the process! I wrap each basket in kraft paper with hemp rope and add a little sunny touch with our handmade pompom and personal card ☀️
As you would expect, there is lots of supervision and some pompons gone missing 😸

Day 25 Starting Point

After grabbing my yarn, crochet needle and finishing the first 2 stitches the first inspection is a fact 👀
Somewhere halfway the process coworker number 2 peeks her head above the table 😸
That’s how roles are divided over here 🤷🏼‍♀️

Day 26 Favourite

Our all time favourite from day 1 is our Sunny Yellow Basket ☀️ it is a bright, warm and happy colour + it is the purrfect match with our golden shaded sweety 🥰
Check our stories today for some bright sunny pics 😻

Day 29 Reel 

Who thinks that taking pictures with cats is easy did not meet Sunny yet 🤣 this lady has a mind of her own..
So the best thing to do is simply to prepare the setup and just let it be 💁🏼‍♀️

Day 30 Range 

A snapshot of our current range of products 🤗
Next to our handmade catbaskets which come in all shapes, sizes and two-tone colour combinations.. we also make cute catgrass baskets 🌱 to match with your Sunny Basket ☀️
Our Sunny Pillows in the left hand corner come from Marrakech and come in small badges after I selected the ones I like most 💁🏼‍♀️
Stay tuned for our newest addition to the Sunny Collection 👉 Sunny Bowls ☀️These handcrafted ceramic beauties will soon be ready to present to you 🤗 #cantwait

Day 31 Looking forward

Wow already the last day of #marchmeetthemaker
Time flies when your busy crocheting baskets 🤣
I’m not someone who has an idea of how things will look in 5 years.. nobody knows right. So for me the most important goal is making cats happy worldwide ☀️ spreading our Sunny love and enjoying the ride!
Along the way I would love to show you more of the process and stepping more in front of the camera instead of hiding behind it 😅 #uncomfortableisgrowth
Thanks for all the enthusiasm and nice reactions during this month 🙏🏻 To all the makers #keepmaking 💪 and stay tuned for more Sunny goodness 🙋🏼‍♀️

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