Tips how to get your cat use his new basket

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Tips how to get your cat use his new basket


For starters, cats are stubborn and they won't let you tell them what to do and where to sit. That being said, there is a chance that your recent purchase, a new flavour cat food or their brand new catbasket will be totally ignored. However, don't give up too easily. They are and will be curious. 

Tip 1: Give it some time

Like we said before, cats are curious. Even though they won't all jump into their new catbed, they will for sure have noticed that something new has entered their territory. 

Don't forget that most cats follow a routine, they have their so called daily rythm. Nevertheless this routine changes over time, like seasons and with this their daily behaviour might change. They find new spots to sleep, new toys to play with and accept the new items that entered their home. Therefore, don't draw conclusions after 2 weeks already and think that your feline will never use it's new cat basket. Give your cat some time to adjust and discover.


Tip 2: Try different spots

When you observe your cat during the day, you will notice that there is not one fixed spot where he/she will stay the entire time (sick or old cats may be an exception). In the morning this could be the sun heated windowsill and after playtime in the afternoon, it could be the cattower more high up. Your cat moves from spot to spot and has several safe spots to sleep, wash and relax. Try to react to this behaviour and find an attractive spot to place the new cat basket. If this is the windowsill, our oval basket could be a great solution.   Again the rule applies, give it time and don't force anthing.


Tip 3: Work with scents

For a cat its nose is the most important sense organ. They use their nose for multiple purposes and leave scents to determine their territory. A new item with an unfamiliar smell will not be accepted directly by every cat. It takes some time before the scent is recognised.

It could help to make the new basket smell more attractive and familiar. You could think of a blanket on which your cat already sleeps or a clean washed T-shirt (fresh laundry is a big hit at our place). Hopefully this will help to attract your cat and win trust. 


Tip 4: Go higher up

The higher the better, cats love high safe spots. It gives them a good overview of their surrounding and a safe untouchable feeling. Knowing this, it makes sense that for some cats it could be too tricky to go discover a new sleeping spot on the floor.

Try a location that is a bit higher. For example, on top of a cabinet, on the back rest of the sofa or on the platform of your scratching post.  This way your cat will have a quiet spot to discover and try his/her new catbasket. 

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