NEW Sunny Bowls - collection 22

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With great pride I present our newest collection Sunny Bowls.
Contemporary cat food bowls, entirely handmade and handglazed, matching a fresh and modern interior. 

The new bowls are slightly larger than the previous collection. The bowls are 17 cm wide and 3,5 cm high. This makes them whisker friendly.

This gorgeous minimal bowl is made from sand coloured porcelain and dipped in a soft white glaze. Simply beautiful with a natural earthy feel. 

Of course we had to keep a pink option in the new collection. This beautiful soft pink glaze is a gorgeous match with the sand porcelain. Each bowl is glazed by hand individually and therefore the pattern is unique. 

Detail: The glaze slightly drips over the edge which gives the bowl this handmade touch and turns them into organic pieces of art. 


17 cm wide
3,5 cm high


The porcelain bowls are entirely handmade. They are definitely dishwasher proof, however I strongly recommend to treat them with love and care so they will stay as pretty as they are.

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