4 Tips om je kat zijn nieuwe mand te laten gebruiken

4 Tips to get your cat to use his new bed

Tips for getting your cat to use his new bed


Okay, let me start by saying that cats are stubborn and don't just let themselves be told something. There is therefore a chance that they will completely ignore a new purchase, a new brand of cat food or their brand new cat bed. But don't give up, they are and remain curious.


Tip 1: Give it time

As mentioned, cats are curious. Not all of them will immediately dive into their baskets, but they know very well that there is something new in the house. They have smelled it and may need time to accept it.

Don't forget that cats often have a familiar routine, they are used to a certain rhythm. But routines change, seasons change and with it your cat's behavior with the corresponding sleeping and playing areas. So don't give up after 2 weeks and certainly don't force it.


Tip 2: Try different spots

Observe your cat for a day. He/she moves around the house during the day and probably doesn't just have 1 spot where they snooze all day (with a few exceptions).

In the morning the sun may be in a nice spot on the windowsill and in the afternoon after playing the couch may be attractive. Just try to respond to this behavior and find a suitable spot where the new basket can be attractive. Once again, give it some time.


Tip 3: Make the scent attractive

Cats are completely focused on smell. If something smells new, it may take a while before this smell is accepted. It can help to make the new cat bed smell a bit more familiar.

Think of a blanket (pillowcase) or a freshly washed T-shirt. (clean laundry is very popular at our place). Hopefully, this will speed up trust and therefore usage.


Tip 4: Go up

Cats like high places. Here, they have a good overview and they feel safe. So don't just put a new cat bed anywhere on the floor, but try to find a high spot. This can be in a closet/cupboard, on the back of the sofa or on the cat tower. This way they can discover their new basket in a quiet undisturbed place.

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