Kattenmanden voor in het raam voor de zonnigste siesta's

Window cat baskets for the sunniest siestas

What is better than a siesta in the sun. Cats love it and look for nice sunny spots in the house.
In our house, the windowsill is the most favorite spot. Sunny can relax here, spot birds and take naps in the sun.
For this reason I have made a suitable cat bed and cat mat especially for the windowsill.

Sunny Baskets - Oval cat basket

This handmade cat bed is elongated and has a perfect model for the window sill. The basket is 30 cm wide and 58 cm long and therefore offers enough space for adult cats. Our Sunny sleeps both curled up and stretched out in this bed.

I use 9 different colors to crochet this cat bed by hand, but I can also make them for you in two colors. This ay you can create a unique window basket. The yarns are made from recycled cotton and are nice and thick, which makes the basket both sturdy and soft. View all options here .

If you are looking for a more compact alternative for your windowsill, our Sunny Mats are a very good option.

Sunny Mats - windowsill mats

These fun mats are one of my most popular products. That is not for nothing, because most cats immediately crawl on it. They often enjoy sitting on it, which usually ends in a nap. Bird watching is such an exhausting hobby 😉.

I make the Sunny Mats in 2 standard sizes. These sizes are suitable for most window sills, but if your window sill has other dimensions, I can make it completely custom for you without any problem. Just send me an email with your wishes. By now I've even made them up to 1.70 m long 😉.

Size S : 50x20x3cm
Size M : 58x20x3cm


Handmade & Sustainable

All cat baskets and windowsill mats are crocheted by hand with sustainable yarns. These are made with 100% recycled cotton and are STANDARD 100 by OEKOTEX certified. No chemicals and paint are used for the colors. With Sunny Baskets you therefore make both a stylish and a conscious choice.

The best for your cat

From birdwatching to serious neighborhood patrol, cats love to spend time by the window. In addition to it being entertaining and providing the necessary incentives, it is also a wonderful place for naps in the sun. If you have space left in the windowsill  make sure your cat has a comfortable spot here - he/she will thank you for it!

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