Hoe kies ik de juiste maat kattenmand?

How do I choose the right size cat bed?

Help choosing the right size

When you buy a new cat bed, you naturally want to choose the right size.
Although some cats love to be curled up in super small spots, it's best to find the right fit and enjoy it for a longer period of time. 

Below you will find an overview of the different sizes with the general guidelines. Of course it is important to take into consideration the preferences of your own cat.

Size S

Diameter 32/34 cm
This is our smallest size and suitable for kittens and small adult cats.

Size M

Diameter 36/38 cm
Together with size L, this is the most popular size. We could call Medium the lady basket.
Suitable for fine to medium sized adult cats that like to curl up in their cat bed.

Size L

Diameter 43/45 cm
Size large is a popular size for chonky cats and often chosen for males.
If you have a lady but she prefers a bit more space (not tightly rolled up) then a large is a good choice.

The large basket is suitable for chonky adult cats like British Shorthair.

Size XL

Diameter 50/52 cm
This size has recently been added to the standard options.
I got quite a few questions about the right size for cats who like to sleep together. 
An XL basket is convenient for most Maine Coones and smaller adult cats that like to sleep together.


Length 58 cm, width 30 cm
This shape is suitable for almost every cat that wants to lie down comfortably and more stretched out. You can compare it with size L.
If you really have a big cat, I can of course adjust the width and/or length for you.

Still not sure which size to pick, of do you have a custom request? 

No problem, just send an email to info@sunnybaskets.nl or via the contact form and I'll be very happy to help. 

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