Mijn kat zit liever in een kartonnen doos

My cat prefers to be in a cardboard box

"My cat doesn't like baskets, he prefers a shoebox"

I hear the above statement quite often and many people are afraid that a basket is not used, because their cat prefers to sleep in a shoe box.
It's true that cats love boxes. Why is that anyway?


To begin with, a box offers a safe and secure place. The high edges provide the perfect shelter. Cats can keep an eye on everyhting and feel safe at the same time.
For this reason, it's a good idea to have a few boxes around the house for a new adopted cat. Then they may not have to hide under a sofa or bed.


A box is also a super fun and free play item. As soon as we have a package here, the box is claimed within 2 minutes :) We often remodel the box to a type of cave or tunnel.
So they do not immediately have to go to the paper bin.
In any case, it is good to consider whether you can use the box (and the filler) for a shipment yourself. I do the same here for our Sunny Pillows and Sunny Baskets. We can sometimes recycle more than we realise.

It doesn't have to be fluffy

It is a misconception that cats want to lie on soft cushions. Of course every cat is different, but in general you will often find them sleeping in places that are not necessarily very fluffy. They like to sleep stretched out on the floor, on the dining table (if they are allowed to ;) ) and in the famous round cardboard scratching baskets.
For our Sunny Baskets I wondered for a while whether we should put a cushion in it, but they were very demonstratively thrown out here at home.

So why a cat basket?

First of all, the looks of a nice basket are more interior proof than cardboard box.
But it doesn't have to be a replacement. Cats like options and often sleep in more than one place during the day. Just pay attention, they move through the house and have several places where they can sleep safely or enjoy bird watching.

I like to see our Sunny Baskets as the trendy version of the cardboard scratching basket and shoe box.

  1. They have a lovely high edge that provides security. The standard height of the round and oval cat beds is 12 cm. Because I make each basket by hand to order, I can adjust this for you if you want.
  2. They are not too fluffy. I make Sunny Baskets with cotton threads of about 1 cm thickness. Because the yarns have 3 layers of cotton and a fine polyester core, it is the perfect combination of strength and comfort.
  3. I can completely customise the basket to meet the size of your cat, his/her favourite sleeping position and of course the place where it will be placed. This way I can ensure that it fits exactly in your cupboard or, for example, in the windowsill.
    Moreover, we have Sunny Shoeboxes, in the exact size of a cardboard shoebox LOL. 

In short, don't immediately throw away those cardboard boxes and provide several nice places for your cat.

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