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Buying a new cat basket? Answers to the most frequently asked questions

If you are looking for the right cat bed, there are many questions and options involved. I also found it a challenge to find the right products and in particular an ideal cat basket.
In this post I share the answers to the most common questions I get.

How big should a cat bed be?

The size of a cat bed depends first of all on the size of your cat, but also on its sleeping behaviour. Some cats like to sleep curled up, while others prefer to lie stretched out. Observe your cat's sleeping behavior to get a better idea of ​​the space they need.

You want a basket that offers enough space. For the round baskets I make I use 4 standard sizes:

Size Small: 32/34 cm
This size is nice for not only kittens, but also small breeds like Singapura.

Size Medium : 36/38 cm
This size is the most ordered and is suitable for an average adult cat.

Size Large : 43/45 cm
This size is perfect for larger breeds such as British Shorthair. It gives just a little more room to roll over.

Size XL : 50/52 cm
This size is for the really big cats like Maine Coon. I also often get to make this basket for cats that like to sleep together.

Where should I place the cat bed?

  • The best place for a cat bed is in a quiet and comfortable environment where your cat feels safe and calm. Choose a place in the house where there is minimal noise and movement so that your cat can relax and sleep undisturbed. Sleep is extremely important to a cat, and by this I mean a real deep sleep, not one that is constantly interrupted.

  • It is also important to place the basket somewhat close to the family, he or she will feel extra comfortable near you. Do you notice that your cat almost unconsciously follows you when you sit down on the couch.

  • Cats prefer warm places to sleep. So avoid places where there is a draft and choose a warm (sunny) spot. Watch the sun move through your house. At home I see myself that in the morning the window sill is a favorite spot (east side) and in the afternoon this changes to the backof the house (west side) at the sliding doors.

  • You can also consider choosing a higher spot, such as a windowsill or in/on a cupboard. In such a place, your cat has an overview and can easily oversee the surroundings. This gives a safe feeling. For the windowsill I made a special window sill cat basket and also very nice mats to sit on and snooze.

  • My personal experience is that cats are also constantly looking for new places. So it's good to experiment with new spots every few weeks. Watch your cat closely and place the basket where it likes to nap during that time.

How often should I wash a cat bed?

In principle, I recommend vacuuming the cat bed thoroughly at least once a week, as you do with your sofa, cushions and poufs in the house. Use a crevice nozzle or simply the end of the hose without an attachment for this. This way you make the basket hair-free and it stays tidy.

If an accident does happen, you can wash it (after you have removed the worst dirt + hair by hand/vacuum cleaner) at 30 degrees in the washing machine. Make sure you do a minimum spin and then let the basket air dry.

Which material is best for a cat bed?

There are so many kinds of baskets on the market. What strikes me is that there are a lot of synthetic cat beds. This can look nice, but the material is not durable, does not breathe and if you wash it it is bad for the environment.

Cats love natural materials (cotton/cardboard/felt/wool). In addition, they have fur and get warm quickly. That is why a breathable fabric is very pleasant. Finally, a basket for a cat does not necessarily have to be fluffy, contrary to what many people think. Cats also feel free to take a nap on / in a cardboard box, not exactly the fluffiest place ;).

Partly because of this knowledge, I have selected the material for my cat beds. The yarns I use are made from recycled cotton and not dyed with chemicals. The thickness of the yarns provides the ideal combination of softness and comfort. A blanket is of course optional, but experience shows that this is not necessary at all.

Is a cat bed really necessary?

My cat won't lie in it anyway, it's stubborn! That's a response I get from many cat owners. This may be so, but you will be surprised. They remain curious and love places where they can curl up / hide.
Moreover, you want to give your cat a recognizable 'bed'. One that he knows is comfortable and safe. Just give it some time and you will see that your cat will eventually crawl into one of my baskets . :)
Because most baskets are not very beautiful or fit well in a stylish home , I started making them myself . In addition to being a practical object, it is also simply a beautiful item for the home.

In addition, it is also nice for you that your cat has its own place and is not lying on the bed or couch, for example. This is of course completely personal and up to you to judge.

Is your question not listed?

These are the most questions I receive. I hope I was able to help you with some answers. If you have any other questions, feel free to send me a message via the site or an email to!

If you are curious about the cat baskets I make myself, take a look here!


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